Litigation is an area of practice of excellence at BMDV. Each case is studied in order to identify the most accurate and fast solutions at every moment.

In the area of Litigation we answer all questions asked, regardless of the specificity and complexity of the matters relating to the respective disputes, ensuring the permanent monitoring of the proceedings.

We are prepared to ensure the forensic sponsorship of our clients throughout the country in legal and arbitration proceedings.

BMDV puts its experience at the service of the Customer, with emphasis on:

Preventive advocacy – legal consultation / advice with a view to anticipating / preventing possible disputes.

Judicial representation in all types of lawsuits, with particular focus:

  • Corporate law, civil law, contractual and aquilian liability, real estate, family law and succession, labor disputes;
  • Precautionary procedures;
  • Enforcement processes and injunction procedures;
  • Criminal and counter-national proceedings.