In the area of Credit Recovery we seek the best solutions, performing the prior audit of legal situations to be negotiated, taking into account the information available. We also make a careful assessment of the real asset and economic and financial situation of debtors.

We place special emphasis and priority on obtaining real and personal guarantees, of fashion to safeguard and guarantee the negotiation or renegotiation of the credits of our clients, guarantees that can be obtained both at a preventive stage, in which there is still no judicial intervention, as in the course of legal proceedings.

We have a team specialized in the area of credit recovery, which directly establishes contacts with debtor entities, assesses their economic and financial conditions, verifies their data and elements, and other registry elements, calculation of real estate assets, social participations, economic and financial situation of partners, managers / administrators (in the case of companies), contracts in which it is part and judicial history.

We focus on the conclusion of payment agreements, obtaining additional guarantees, and this is possible, with a view to enabling credit recovery.

Acting quickly and incisively, whether in establishing the initial contact or recourse to judicial means, can make all the difference in the recovery of credits, so our intervention deadlines are reduced.

The judicial recovery procedures are updated in order to ensure the glance of the respective enforcement solicitors (in the case of executive proceedings) in relation to the steps and acts to be carried out.”